If you use any device, such as an Android phone or a windows phone you must have seen it. In our mobile, photos, video and audio etc. are present, so if any of our friends likes any video or photo or another file, then they say that in our mobile, then transfer With the help of Xender apk, we can comfortably save the file to that photo or video file with your friends on the device.

Xender APK for Adroid

All you have to do is download and install the application on your Android device. And by direct access you can send your friends to mobile or any device. This is just an Android application for photos or video or any other file. With this help you can send it to the computer.

So with the xender app you can transfer any file very fast. If you transfer to a laptop then you have to scan the QR code, then it will be Direct John, then you can transfer file from your Android phone to your Laptop and transfer any file from Laptop to Mobile . This is a very good app, which has become popular in the world today and every Android and laptop PC is using this application.

What is Xender App?

This is an Android application, which helps complete the transfer of any file, it transfers the file in a few seconds, it does all the work in another device and without any internet connection. You can use it offline only. If you open from the Internet, then you can watch the video online by searching any thing. You can also watch Direct Movie online.

But this application has been specially made to transfer any files such as videos, MP3 photos, etc. This application can be connected by computer or laptop and Android mobile and transferred to the computer.

How to Download and install Xender APK

If you want to download Xender apk, you will have the download button at the bottom. You can easily download this application by clicking on that download button.

Now after downloading, you have to open it on this application, after installation it has to be installed. After installing, open and now the home page will open in front of you. Now you can easily transfer any file, on your second device it sends the file in a few seconds.

Download APK

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