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Vivaldi Browser Beta

Vivaldi Browser Beta

Vivaldi Browser Beta

The Description of Vivaldi Browser Beta APK

Vivaldi Browser Beta APK:-  It is an Android application that works as a browser. There are many features of this application, which you can see inside this browser. It has a lot of futures, such as password and bookmark notices, open tabs etc., are automatically added to it. So you can bookmark very easily as well. Through this application, you can open any website very fast. There is an option of advertising in it, you can close it, which comes in the website. Can close those ads. It also has an option to select it and remove the advertisement.

Vivaldi Browser Beta App You will instantly search for any keywords through
, Which will lead to direct Google search. In it, you insert any keyword in the URL and search it. You will get the result immediately. This is a very fast site opening browser, which you can use easily. Let some of its facilities down.

Some Browser Features

  • Can capture screen.
  • Can speed up fast.
  • Can bookmark a website.
  • Can activate dark mod.
  • Samudra can also put notice with part support.
  • Check out the recently closed tab.
  • Also know the nickname of the search engine.
  • Reader mode is also provided.
  • Clone time is also given.
  • Download Manager is given.

We believe a lot of people are using Google browser. But it has not given the option of customization. So this developer has created this application, which is the complete editor browser, security is very much given in it, you can get more information in the contact page. Similarly, you can also visit its official website.

App info

File size56.2 MB
Last updatedSeptember 13, 2019

Download APK (56.2 MB)

You must have received some information about this browser. If you like this browser, you can download it. You are getting it with the latest version and it is for free, so you can easily download and use it without any hassle.

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