Last Day on Earth: Survival APK

The Description of Last Day on Earth: Survival APK

Hello friends, today we have brought you a great game, which in today’s times the action game has become a fame in a very bad world. They are publishing in this post, you can enjoy and play by downloading this game, this body is the game of human beings, which every person will like. Last Day on Earth: Survival APK Download this game Install and install on your Android device, after installing it, open the game and also see all its features.

Now the features of this game are talked about, as this game starts, the first is to be considered one, a thirsty person who says, hungry thirsty also arranges for eating wood and rice for eating and Breaks the wood to make his weapon, breaks the stone. Breaks everything and makes an assassin with his hands and creates a plan to kill his enemies by making weapons, and goes to kill, dozens of enemies have been killed by these weapons.

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Like made from wood, guns and even made. And all the enemies who come in front of the father, who are the enemies to kill you, as if any person is coming from the bike, then it is also to kill that which means whatever comes out. It is to provoke them all, when you kill everyone, then you win, become a winner.

Last Day on Earth: Survival APK By the way this game is very simple to play, every person can play this game, there is no hard step in it, just simple step, just open the game and choose your gun and choose Then start playing again.

In the same way you can play this game comfortably, if someone comes to you with difficulty. Then, by commenting, we can also ask. Well this is very simple, hope you have liked this game. If you like, then subscribe to our website and download this Android app from below ..!

App info

Size: 43.45 MB

Version: 1.11.9

Updated: March 31, 2019

Installs: 50,000,000+

Requires Android: 4.1 and up

App By: Kefir!

Category: Action Games

Last Day on Earth: Survival APK Download

Last Day on Earth: Survival APK

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