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Google Camera APK for Android

Google Camera APK is a development app official camera app by this app for Android devices which is a great option for the incoming camera app by default. This app latest version 5.3.015 Google Pixel and Nexus combines Google Lens mode on this device. This Google lens camera is Google’s ambitious product.

The first time in which you will tell about this is app , it will tell only some negative. Because the problem is that the button you use to take the photo takes about a fifth of the screen.

In which you must have seen that a large part of the space can be covered. If you leave this problem, the rest of the interface is very accessible.
If you want to photograph the photo is deep in 360 degrees then you can take its rounded photo. If you can additionally apply an out-of-the-effect effect on the cleaning of DSLR photos area, with depth. In this this app the DSLR camera is also given the originals. Just like you can use it too because you are using the DSLR camera most in the world. Or you or you can also enable image mode of high-resolution panoramic. If all this is done then you are available from the expandable side panel.

Talking about this is app, this camera is a great camera app. In which you do not need any filters or other fancy futures. It’s a very solid record that allows you to do the same thing that this is app makes the photo look good, then Automatically makes your photo beautiful.

Know some features of Google Camera

HDR +: – You can take pictures using HDR + in specially low light or backlight viewers to capture beautiful pictures, and the picture will come with very great pictures.

Video Stabilization: – If you play your hands, then you can use exceptionally smooth video capture.

Smartburst: – Hold down the shutter button to automatically capture the photos that stream and transfer .

Photo Sphere: – In this option you can create an immersive spherical picture.

Lens Blur: – In this option, you can create very beautiful beauty, which is going the most in the world, which is called DSLR camera, with this option you can take DSLR photos. This option the photos and leaves the person to the place. And the picture becomes magnificent.

 Requirements: – This Google Camera latest version is only available on Android 7.1.1. And works only on later versions like nexus phone and pixel devices. There are some features that are not available on all devices.


Camera: – This option is very much needed to capture the image and video.

Location: – In this option you need to add location information to a picture.

Microphone: – Any video you have in this option requires everyone to record the audio.

Storage: – This option is required when it comes to saving a picture or video.

App info
App Name: Google Camera 

Version: 5.3.015.(199570961)

Size: 29.94 MB

Updated: 13/03/2019

Package Name: GoogleCamera 

Category: Android Apps 

Language: English 

License: Free

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Google Camera APK
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