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GBWhatsApp Transparent Prime APK

GBWhatsApp Transparent Prime

GBWhatsApp Transparent Prime APK for Android

Hello friends, today we have brought a very special app for you if you use an Android device then. Like what everyone is using today’s WhatsApp So one-to-one copy of whatsapp has come, the GBWhatsApp Transparent Prime APK has come and with the latest version you will find on our website and update our website daily.

GB Whatsapp Transparent Prime APK has all the features taken from GB Whatsapp, so you can download Whatsapp for any of these two. With the latest version you will be given two links below the link, either of them can download as desired and get maximum number of options.

The new person is able to run simple Whatsapp because they can not do new searches or they get technical awakening, they just search by putting the WhatsApp on the Play Store and download them to get them in that whatsapp No more protection is available, so that poor people use the same whatsapp. Therefore, for those who are old and technically searching Google, the GB Whatsapp Transparent Prime APK is a very good app and they will also download this app.

Some of Its Features

Some of the features of Whatsapp are that you can read that. The former who sent a video of 16 mb Whatsapp and now it sends a video of 30MB. And who sent the first 10 images and it sends 90 images. The one who could not delete the previous whatsapp message And it now deletes those messages.

This whatsapp keeps on showing up all the folks who live online, upstairs. it as you reset your phone, there is an option to restore it so that your speed speed can increase. With this option And most of the protection is given as if you talk to someone, then your online is shown there, so you can stop it online from here.

We are unable to provide complete information about this whatsapp. Because we do not have enough time to give you complete information. So you can download this whatsapp free and get real-time information in it. It has the most options in it as if you can enjoy it completely.

Download this GBWhatsApp Transparent Prime APK from below with the latest version in free.

App info

App name: GBWhatsApp Transparent Prime

Version: Latest 

Size: 36.8 MB

Updated: June 11, 2019

Category: Social Media

GBWhatsApp Transparent Prime APK Download

GBWhatsApp Transparent Prime APK

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